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Our Story...

Since I was a child, I knew that I would own a business. While the ideas have changed over the years (I originally wanted to design bridal gowns), one thing has not. I have always loved creating beautiful things and finding inspiration for my work, from the world of fashion and design.


In 2000, I "retired" from the nonprofit I started when I was 17 and launched Kimberly Dobbs Design. I wanted to do beautiful work, for nice people, and help my clients build their businesses with unique branding and marketing. 


I am thrilled every time we help a client launch their business, or refresh their brand for a company they have owned for a long time. Bringing their unique stories to life, through the power of design, is a wonderful transformation to be a part of. We take pride in handcrafting each brand and piece we design. 

When I am not designing, you will find me with Sadie, our little Chihuahua, working on my personal style Instagram; out searching for the latest fashions at Dallas's best shops or exploring the metroplex for the best food around! 

We love taking the ordinary and creating a little magic! If that sounds like what you are looking for, please contact us - we would love to chat!


Handbag Addict | Fashion Instagrammer | Creative Director