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Personal Styling & Closet Makeovers...


We love working with our clients on personal styling and closet makeovers! We can help you with personal styling, wardrobe consultation, closet makeovers, closet redesign, sorting through what works and what doesn't work, personal shopping and personalized look books! 

If you open your closet every morning and think "I have nothing to wear" - then we can help! Perhaps you have things you want to wear, but don't know how to style them or they are buried behind things you never wear. We help you sort through it all and help you create your own personal sense of style and give you step by step directions on creating the perfect outfit for every occasion. 

Kimberly knows where to shop and how to shop - for any budget. She will go through what you have and show you what to keep and what to get rid of and how to style what you have. If needed, she will suggest pieces that would help fill any gaps in your wardrobe. We can schedule a shopping trip with you or do the shopping for you and bring you the selections. 

We can work with all budgets and have a variety of packages and levels of service available! Call 214-577-9290 to book your appointment today or send us an email at!

Visit @KimberlyDobbsStyle (Kimberly's personal style Instagram)

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